Airport Shuttle: It has its own advantages


Travelling to and from airports; whether it is international or national is always stressful. A certain level of anxiety and frustration remains there whether it is business travel, normal visits or vacations. Furthermore, the costs of transportation and the burden of luggage and suitcases can add a lot of trouble.


In order to decrease the cost of transportation, to reduce the stress of heavy luggage and stress of travelling as a whole, Airport Shuttles are the best mode of transportation. If you are thinking on cutting your travel costs and parking costs then Airport Shuttle is your favorable option.

All you need to know about Airport Transfers


Various Airport Transfer options are available for you to travel to and from airports. Depending on the number of people you are travelling with, you need to choose the proper mode of transportation suitable for you. The mode of transportation depends on the number of people you are travelling with and the budget you have allocated for the travel.

People nowadays travel mainly for business purposes and to have some for their personal travel experiences. Various travel options have their own pros and cons. Apart from the usual tiredness that you face after a long day of travel; various frustrations arise due to the pressure of managing budget, and planning proper travelling options. Thus, it is always advisable to research for proper transportation options for your travel.


Here are lists of some of the airport travel options that you can choose from:


Drive to the airport: Travelers will have to pay for petrol and parking, thus, it is not the very best of options that are available. Other options seem much cheaper than this.


Take a Taxi Cab: Although the price of taking a cab depends on various taxi service providing companies; the fare of a cab to and from the airport is always an expensive option.

Get an Airport Taxi Cab around the area of Florida

A shuttle: A shuttle is a van that is shared by multiple travelers. If you choose shuttle service for your travel options; you will have to pay a very cheap rate, but you must consider the fact that shuttle drops off travelers at their respective hotels or homes. Consider the time factor if you are among the people who need to be dropped off on time, as shuttles can be time consuming.

Get an Airport Shuttle around the area of Florida

A public transport: This option might be cheap depending upon the locations. Although, if you consider the fact that you will be carrying lots of luggage for your travel; this option might not be that much safe and comfortable.


Booking an Airport Transfer

When it comes to booking an airport taxi or airport shuttle; you have the choice of booking the transport when you arrive at the airport, or pre-booking in advance.

If you get to the airport and choose to book at the airport; the taxi cab or shuttle may always not be available for you. They might be already packed with passengers or might have been pre booked. You might need to wait for long time too. The last minute transport option that is available can be expensive as well. If you have to be at your destination at a required time or if time is valuable to you, let’s say for a business meeting or a corporate event, always opt for booking early in advance.

Advance booking can be made either through travel agents or through the respective transfer company directly. Booking through a travel agent can be fairly expensive, thus, always book through the respective company.

Always research properly for the cheaper and reliable transportation providing company that is giving the best of airport transfer options. You can always go to their website and research properly for the best and reliable services available to you.


Choosing the best airport transfer company

When you are considering the best of airport shuttle providing company, you must consider various factors. Your personal requirements always play an important part while choosing the best of airport transfer options.

The most convenient way is to go through the company’s website and check for reviews and testimonials from third party. That way you can really be sure of the company’s reliability and affordability.

Know about the various advantages of choosing an Airport Shuttle

It can be tough to choose which airport shuttle has the best price, service and reliability. Here are some tips that can help you choose the best airport shuttle provider company for you:


The cost

When it comes to choosing an Airport Shuttle; the most important thing is the price.

The cost usually depends upon distance traveled plus the pick-up fee. Many shuttle companies will offer flat destination fees from airport to the hotel. Ask whether the rate includes transporting you and your party only, or whether they will be picking up other clients too.

If others are riding with you, then you will usually be charged per passenger.


The luggage

It is always better to know how much luggage the shuttle can handle. Some companies provide various types of vehicles, such as sedan or SUV’s, thus, always check what kind and how much of the luggage can the shuttle handle.


Make a booking

Once you have found the right company for you, check for the availability. You must be sure whether they are available for you at that time and date. Making a booking has its fair share of advantages as we mentioned earlier.


Always call before your pickup time

Although a reservation has been made, call the company a few hours or the day before the shuttle is due to arrive. Make sure that the driver has your reservation, your pickup address and the flight record.


For the best of airport transfer services around the area of Florida, consider EZ Airport Shuttle services.




A guide to Shared Shuttle Decorum


Riding on a shared van or shuttle can be awkward in many ways. This awkwardness comes due to territorial issues: grouping random people together by destination in a confined space is bound to create some feelings of awkwardness in some ways.



Many people get confused about what things to do, due to having different upbringings and backgrounds by virtue of which they have different sense of proper etiquette in social situations. Since shuttles move various people from various parts of the world, the gap in social decorum can be very wide. Due to this sense of some awkwardness and confusion, in this blog we try to explain some points that will help you sit inside the van comfortably.

3, Must-Visit Places in Florida


Miami Beach? Is that what comes to your mind when you hear the word Florida? Well, let me tell you… There is more. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you 3 destinations that I personally feel you should visit with your friends and family.

Starlight JacksonvilleJacksonville – A home for many and a getaway destination for others, Jacksonville has successfully lured many tourists and visitors from all around the world. Endless tropical beaches, the mysterious Everglades and vast citrus groves, you name it – Jacksonville has got it.

Think of that one thing you would love to do and you will find it here. Fun activities like boating, swimming, fishing, sailing and surfing are the most enjoyed. Test the adventurous side of you with jet-ski and water-ski as your sports.

For those who enjoy quieter activities, you can always visit the internationally recognized parks. Atlantic Ocean and St. Johns River give Jacksonville, serenity and spectacular beauty.


  • Buses – The Jacksonville Transportation Authority or JTA is an independent agency that manages public transport in the city of Jacksonville, Florida. So, look for JTA buses when you are in Jacksonville.
  • Airplanes – Jacksonville International Airport (commonly known as JAX) is 13 miles north of downtown Jacksonville. J AX has 82 departures a day, with 27 nonstop destination cities.


Lake Alice GainesvilleGainesville – Well known for its music scene, Gainesville has spawned many globally recognized musicians. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Don Felder and Bernie Leadon of The Eagles, The Motels, John Vander slice, Sister Hazel, For Squirrels are a few names from Gainesville that are counted as legends. Blender Magazine even named Gainesville ‘The best place to start a band in America’.

You can also visit places like 34th Street Wall, Devil’s Mill Hoper, Lake Alice, and Gainesville Raceway which are amongst the most visited places.


  • Buses – Amtrak Thruway Motor Coach buses connect Gainesville with Jacksonville to the north and Lakeland, Florida (to/from points south, LKL), to the south. Buses arrive / depart stations to connect with the Silver Service.
  • Trains – Amtrak Train Service is available at Palatka, Florida, 32 miles (51 km) to the east.
  • Airplanes – Formerly known as J.R. Alison Airport, the Gainesville Airport is owned by the City of Gainesville, Florida. It is operated by the Gainesville-Alachua County Regional Airport Authority.


Alligator Farm-St AugustineSt. Augustine – Originally known as ‘San Augustin’, it was founded in 1565 by Spanish admiral Pedro Menendez de Aviles. One can always get a glimpse of how it used to be during the Spanish rule because of the Spanish colonial-era buildings. The city is also one of the most visited places by tourists in America.

The Fountain of Youth and The St. Augustine Alligator Farm are some of the oldest tourist attractions in St. Augustine.



  • Buses – Sunshine Bus Company operates bus services in St. Augustine. Buses operate mainly between shopping centers across town but a few also go to Hastings and Jacksonville. This is where one can connect to JTA for additional services across Jacksonville.
  • Airplanes – The city has one public airport located 5 miles north of town. It has 5 runways that were once served by Skybus. Only private flights and tour helicopters use it today.


I’m not saying that these are the only places in Florida that are recommended for tourists. There are certainly more fun places in the Sunshine City. Apart from buses and Trains, you can also book Town Cars or Shuttles in Jacksonville, Gainesville & St. Augustine for your airport and private transportation needs.

DID YOU KNOWwwFlorida has 663 miles of beaches and more than 11,000 miles of rivers, streams and waterways! Fun in abundance ;-)