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Your guide to Jacksonville, Florida

If you are travelling to Jacksonville, Florida this season then think no more. We have a brief guide for your brief visit around this area. With various restaurants, hotels, shopping malls and many other attractive places around, you will never forget this city. No matter what the reasons for your travel are, your stay here at the Jacksonville will be pleasant and with many surprises.


Although much of Jacksonville is urban, this sprawling northeastern Florida city also has nature and wildlife reserves, historic residential neighborhoods and lots of golf courses. Attractions in Jax, as the locals call it, range from art, science and history museums to a brewery tour, from the Jacksonville Landing entertainment complex, along the St John’s River, to Bronson Motor Speedway. The city’s beaches offer soft sand and warm water – perfect for swimming, surfing and kayaking.

Here are some more tips and guide for your stay in this city.


About Jacksonville, FL Attractions

High end shopping, pristine beaches and eclectic dining all top the list of reasons visitors seek out the First Coast, but when you come don’t stop there! Beyond Jacksonville’s 22 miles of white sandy beaches you can find more than 70 golf courses, and 85,000 acres of parks. There is adventure, culture, entertainment and sports to be found here as well. In addition music has always been important in the River City with numerous music festivals held throughout the year including the annual George’s Music Springing the Blues Festival held at Jacksonville Beach, and the Jacksonville Jazz Festival getting fans in the spirit every Memorial Day weekend. Now celebrating over 100 years in existence the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is home to more than 3,000 exotic animal and plant species and is one of the Top 9 Animal Attractions in the nation. Whether you are traveling solo, or with the whole family there is plenty to do when you come to Jacksonville and you are certain to leave rich in memories.



About Jacksonville, FL Restaurants

The Jacksonville culinary scene is in full bloom. Home grown and nationally famous Chefs are putting down roots in J-town to build their own foodie empires. Local Chefs that have made a major influence on Jacksonville’s taste buds include Jonathan Insetta, who after traveling the world chose his hometown to build local favorites, Orsay and Black Sheep. Community is of chief importance to these Chefs as they invest as much into the neighborhoods they build their brick and mortars in as they do in the staffs that make those restaurants successful. Executive Chefs like Tom Gray are going from celebrated staff members to thriving business owners themselves with new landmarks like Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails making a dramatic entrance. The flavor profile of these fine establishments ranges from refined and elegant to casually gourmet with the chief purpose of expanding the taste buds of all who enter. Chef’s tables and adventure menus are making a grand show, as well as open kitchens and small plate themed destinations. These concepts encourage the exploration of great taste and coming together which are clearly a perfect recipe for success in the Jacksonville dining culture.

A number of restaurants are located along the Southbank Riverwalk, with high-end steakhouses like Ruth’s Chris Steak house and Morton’s wine bars like the Wine Cellar. A number of other cafes are located in San Marco Square and the Avondale neighborhood. Other eating venues include Town Center, a beach village with several bar and restaurants, and Jacksonville Landing, with a food court and several full-service restaurants.



About Jacksonville, FL Nightlife

Jacksonville offers a number of nightlife options. Pubs like Lynche’s Irish Pub, Shantytown, and Culhane’s offer a selection of beers on tap and often have live music. Pete’s Bar on Neptune Beach is one of the oldest bars in the area and offers cheap beer and pool. Lillie’s Coffee Bar is also located on Neptune Beach and serves up beer, coffee and desserts and food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Jacksonville’s nightlife is an eclectic blend of fashionable elegance and hipster cool, ranging from the beaches to downtown. If you are looking for a lounge vibe to mix and mingle try The Ovinte in town at the St. Johns Town Center or The Penthouse at the Casa Marina Hotel and Restaurant at the beaches. Love craft beer? Then you’ll be impressed with the King Street Food & Beer District featuring Intuition Ale Works leading the pack. Enjoy a hip atmosphere, starlight and the southern night air with a view to impress at Black Sheep’s rooftop bar. If you are looking for the perfect hand crafted cocktails, visit Side Car and the Volstead for something unique. Leaving the big game or a lively concert? Celebrate the big win with DJs and dancing as you hop along the string of bars located on E Bay St. including Mark’s bar a local favorite. Whether you are looking for an intimate night out or ready to laugh out loud, you’ll find what you are looking for when the sun goes down in Jax.




About Jacksonville, FL Hotels

Jacksonville contains a number of options for accommodations. Large chain hotels include the Omni and Hilton. Larger resorts include the Ponte Vedra Resort, a historic hotel with tennis courts, swimming pools and onsite restaurants and luxury stores, and the Mariott Sawgrass Beach Resort, with 8 world class golf courses. The Holiday Inn offers a more moderate option, while The Oak Street Inn is a bed and breakfast set in the city’s historic and artistic district.

Jacksonville is known as the River City by the Sea and visitors come as much for vacation as they do business travel. It’s no surprise a variety of hotels are available from the beaches, to the urban core. If you are traveling for business in the industry hub of the Southside try Indigo Hotel for a homey neighborhood feel with great eats and shopping nearby. Luxury and elegance can be found in Atlantic Beach in One Ocean Resort and Spa where they have mastered the art of keeping you “Always in Your Element”. With the largest urban park system in the continental, U.S. Jacksonville is the perfect escape for your next adventure or golf trip and the perfect accommodations can be found at the Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort and Spa in Ponte Vedra. Whatever your reason for visiting the First Coast you’re sure to find authentic southern hospitality that suits your style and keeps you feeling right at home.



About Jacksonville, FL Shopping

Jacksonville’s shopping venues include The Avenues, with high-end stores and the flea markets of St. John’s. The Beach Boulevard Farmer’s Market is another such flea market open on weekends with over 600 vendors. The Riverside district contains a number of boutiques, antique shops and art stores amidst historic buildings and cafes.

Jacksonville is home to some very fashionable citizens. Where to find the designer duds? St. Johns Town Center located in the heart of the city is home to the majority of the high end retailers like Tiffany’s, Louis Vuitton, and Coach. For something more exclusive you’ll love boutiques like Jaffi’s in Atlantic Beach which has a coastal elegance about it, and A’Propos in Ponte Vedra Beach which carries classics and bold selections alike. While you’re at the beaches visit the shabby chic and antique district around Fourth Ave South and 3rd street for some coastal home goods with a sturdy yet rustic charm. Or if you prefer to “keep it weird” you’ll find a little bit of hipster and beyond in 5 Points near Riverside Ave where you can visit vintage, and offbeat retailers. Great indoor shopping can also be sought at the Avenues Mall off Southside Blvd, and a short trip to St. Augustine will score you a deal at the Premium Outlets.


About Jacksonville, FL Transportation

For the most trusted and reliable transportation service in Jacksonville, Florida; EZ Airport Shuttle is your best choice. A high quality in airport transportation for new as well as returning clients and tourists that come to visit Jacksonville, EZ Airport Shuttle offers the most reliable and affordable option of transportation.

With experienced drivers, reasonable rates and comfortable Airport Shuttles, you may eliminate the hassles of getting to and from Jacksonville International Airport and any other location in Jacksonville, Florida. So, if you are looking for a reliable and hassle free airport ride, remember EZ Shuttle for Airport Shuttles in Jacksonville, the easiest and the most cost-effective Airport Shuttle service provider in Florida.



Airport Shuttle: It has its own advantages

Travelling to and from airports; whether it is international or national is always stressful. A certain level of anxiety and frustration remains there whether it is business travel, normal visits or vacations. Furthermore, the costs of transportation and the burden of luggage and suitcases can add a lot of trouble.


In order to decrease the cost of transportation, to reduce the stress of heavy luggage and stress of travelling as a whole, Airport Shuttles are the best mode of transportation. If you are thinking on cutting your travel costs and parking costs then Airport Shuttle is your favorable option.


All you need to know about Airport Transfers

Various Airport Transfer options are available for you to travel to and from airports. Depending on the number of people you are travelling with, you need to choose the proper mode of transportation suitable for you. The mode of transportation depends on the number of people you are travelling with and the budget you have allocated for the travel.

People nowadays travel mainly for business purposes and to have some for their personal travel experiences. Various travel options have their own pros and cons. Apart from the usual tiredness that you face after a long day of travel; various frustrations arise due to the pressure of managing budget, and planning proper travelling options. Thus, it is always advisable to research for proper transportation options for your travel.


Here are lists of some of the airport travel options that you can choose from:


Drive to the airport: Travelers will have to pay for petrol and parking, thus, it is not the very best of options that are available. Other options seem much cheaper than this.


Take a Taxi Cab: Although the price of taking a cab depends on various taxi service providing companies; the fare of a cab to and from the airport is always an expensive option.

Get an Airport Taxi Cab around the area of Florida

A shuttle: A shuttle is a van that is shared by multiple travelers. If you choose shuttle service for your travel options; you will have to pay a very cheap rate, but you must consider the fact that shuttle drops off travelers at their respective hotels or homes. Consider the time factor if you are among the people who need to be dropped off on time, as shuttles can be time consuming.

Get an Airport Shuttle around the area of Florida

A public transport: This option might be cheap depending upon the locations. Although, if you consider the fact that you will be carrying lots of luggage for your travel; this option might not be that much safe and comfortable.


Booking an Airport Transfer

When it comes to booking an airport taxi or airport shuttle; you have the choice of booking the transport when you arrive at the airport, or pre-booking in advance.

If you get to the airport and choose to book at the airport; the taxi cab or shuttle may always not be available for you. They might be already packed with passengers or might have been pre booked. You might need to wait for long time too. The last minute transport option that is available can be expensive as well. If you have to be at your destination at a required time or if time is valuable to you, let’s say for a business meeting or a corporate event, always opt for booking early in advance.

Advance booking can be made either through travel agents or through the respective transfer company directly. Booking through a travel agent can be fairly expensive, thus, always book through the respective company.

Always research properly for the cheaper and reliable transportation providing company that is giving the best of airport transfer options. You can always go to their website and research properly for the best and reliable services available to you.


Choosing the best airport transfer company

When you are considering the best of airport shuttle providing company, you must consider various factors. Your personal requirements always play an important part while choosing the best of airport transfer options.

The most convenient way is to go through the company’s website and check for reviews and testimonials from third party. That way you can really be sure of the company’s reliability and affordability.

Know about the various advantages of choosing an Airport Shuttle

It can be tough to choose which airport shuttle has the best price, service and reliability. Here are some tips that can help you choose the best airport shuttle provider company for you:


The cost

When it comes to choosing an Airport Shuttle; the most important thing is the price.

The cost usually depends upon distance traveled plus the pick-up fee. Many shuttle companies will offer flat destination fees from airport to the hotel. Ask whether the rate includes transporting you and your party only, or whether they will be picking up other clients too.

If others are riding with you, then you will usually be charged per passenger.


The luggage

It is always better to know how much luggage the shuttle can handle. Some companies provide various types of vehicles, such as sedan or SUV’s, thus, always check what kind and how much of the luggage can the shuttle handle.


Make a booking

Once you have found the right company for you, check for the availability. You must be sure whether they are available for you at that time and date. Making a booking has its fair share of advantages as we mentioned earlier.


Always call before your pickup time

Although a reservation has been made, call the company a few hours or the day before the shuttle is due to arrive. Make sure that the driver has your reservation, your pickup address and the flight record.


For the best of airport transfer services around the area of Florida, consider EZ Airport Shuttle services.




Consider these things while hiring a car

Whenever you are in need of hiring a car, you may wish to get a good one in a very affordable price. There are numerous transportation service providing companies in the city and there appears a confusion with which you want to proceed further. So how can you know if the company you are partnering with is a good one? There are certain factors that make a good and successful company stand apart from other. Read the article and you will have some ideas about choosing the right company whenever you are in need of hiring a vehicle.


1) Affordability

You want a smooth and hassle free ride, not a travel with a number of useless facilities that you can get at expensive prices. Choose an affordable company that has all the services you wish to get in a comfortable ride. Check if the fare for the services is fair.


2) Friendly and very co-operative staffs

Staffs play an important role in making your travel fun and easy. What if the employee in the transport service providing company turns to be a cheat and does not tell you about hidden charges and you may end up paying a huge sum of money to the company. On the other hand, if the company has co-operative and friendly staffs, they will make your hiring experience a memorable one. And you may again want to hire a car from the same company whenever you are in need of hiring a car.


3) On time service:

Times are precious and everybody should value it. If the company does not value it and the driver reaches in picking up point an hour late, how frustrated you would be? Nobody prefers to go with such company. On the other hand, there are companies with their amazing fleet of new vehicles that pickup and drop-off customers on time. They are very punctual and well-behaved.


4) Availability:

Availability is another factor that affects the overall performance of a company. If a company responds all your calls and emails and let you know everything that you want to know,; then, you are likely to use services from that company. I advise people to use services from those companies that hide nothing from the customers. I somehow feel that its customers’ right to know clearly about the services that they use.


5) Fleet of vehicles:

Don’t forget to check out the fleet of the cars of the company with which you are planning to partner. You don’t want to end up using a car that is a decade old and has a poor performance. So it’s always better to get well known about the vehicles so you can choose the one that best suits you. Inspect the vehicles to know about the maintenance and cleaning tasks so you can take a wise decision to choose a suitable car from a suitable company.


It’s always you who decides which car hiring company to go with? So remember to consider these factors to take the right decision. You may end up saving pretty much amount and still get a quality service.

Places to visit in St. Augustine in our shuttle

There lies a small and beautiful city in northeastern Florida; St. Augustine. This European-established settlement has a small population and is a marvelous destination to visit. With its distinct historical character, the city has become an attractive tourist destination. You can check in all the major attractions of the small yet beautiful city by taking a ride with our shuttle.


A guide to Shared Shuttle Decorum

Riding on a shared van or shuttle can be awkward in many ways. This awkwardness comes due to territorial issues: grouping random people together by destination in a confined space is bound to create some feelings of awkwardness in some ways.



Many people get confused about what things to do, due to having different upbringings and backgrounds by virtue of which they have different sense of proper etiquette in social situations. Since shuttles move various people from various parts of the world, the gap in social decorum can be very wide. Due to this sense of some awkwardness and confusion, in this blog we try to explain some points that will help you sit inside the van comfortably.


Call Taxi Terry first!

Posted by Richene on date-button 12/15/2008

I manage the travel needs of a mid-size downtown law firm. I have used Terry Transportation for the past seven years and found them to be consistently reliable. We use their services for personal and business travel for members of our firm. Additionally, we depend on Terry Transportation to get our clients to and from the airport with no inconvenience. The cheerful demeanor of Terry and his staff impressed us from the first time we called on his services. I recommend Terry Transportation without hesitation.

Great Service!!

Posted by Okie08 on date-button 01/05/2009

EZ Shuttle provided excellent service that was personal and professional. My son needed to get to the airport from his Baymeadows apartment for a trip home for Christmas. Since the departure date was Christmas Eve, all of his friends and coaches were busy with their own family and travel plans. I started looking for commerical transportation with lots of worries about taxing my son’s ability to handle the situation. He is a disabled person with autism, 40 years old and living on his own for the first time. Any mixup in the instructions, the car arriving late, etc. would quite possibly cause him to panic and miss his flight and therefore his trip home. Terry was very reassuring the first time I talked with him, he promised that all would go according to plan and there would be no problems. As promised, on the day of the trip, the driver arrived 10 minutes early, called me to report that they were on their way to the airport and again to tell me that my son was safely delivered to the check-in desk with his bags. He made my son feel very comfortable which is not easy in an unfamiliar setting. I would recommend this service to anyone. They are prompt, professional, and go the extra mile for quality service.

Recent Trip to Eagles Concert

Posted by Thefees on date-button 02/10/2009

My son and I recently traveled to Jacksonville to attend the Eagles as JVMA. On the recommendation of our hotel manager, we booked TaxiTerry to take us to and from our hotel. The service was impeccable – they actually called and arranged for us to get there early due to another cancellation. The best was yet to come.

After the concert (which was amazing), it was pouring rain. Our original scheduled taxi broke down (flat tire on freeway). The dispatcher had the owner come and pick us up, very little wait. We got back to our hotel, and not until we arrived in our room did we realize we had left our concert t shirts in the car. Our plane was leaving at 6AM – we did some calling, were not having any luck, when lo and behold, the owner called us!. he had found the shirts, turned around, and delivered them to us – it was now almost 2AM.

I want to say, I have traveled over most of the US, and never have I had service like this – highly recommended
Larry and Jordan, Almonte, Ontario, Canada

Fast, Friendly Service

Posted by Tkopi14 on date-button 11/15/2009

We recently returned from a cruise sailing out of JAX. We were thrilled with Dori, our driver, and our entire experience with EZ Airport Shuttle. Dori was on time, humorous, knowledgeable and even strong enough to handle ALL of our luggage!! I would definitely recommend them to anyone and would use their services in the future!! Thanks to Dori and all who work for this great company.

Great service

Posted by Lasttime1 on date-button 11/17/2009

We used EZ Airport Shuttle from JAX to St. Augustine…….prompt, polite and very much on time. We were suppose to ride in a shuttle and ended up in a Town Car for the same price. I would definitely recommend them.

Amazing, Reliable Customer Service

Posted by Wblminngal on date-button 12/11/2009

A group of 12 of us were recently in JAX for a conference and contact EZ Shuttle for our transportation needs. When we called to make the reservation, they were extremely helpful and thorough. They provided a very detailed email with reservation information including cell numbers of the drivers and instructions once we arrived at the airport. As we landed, I received a call from the driver letting me know that they were there and where to locate them – WHAT GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! The driver was courteous, friendly and reliable. On the return trip we had to make some adjustments to our reservation (time and number of people) and they were more than willing to accommodate our request. In the day and age where good customer service is rare, I was so please to find a company that actually cared for and about their clients. I recommend this company with no hesitation! You will not be sorry!!!!!

Best Possible Service!

Posted by Mebasgrl69 on date-button 12/11/2009

Recently a family member had a very important business trip which required them to fly out from Jax International Airport. They needed transportation to the airport from their apartment in Jacksonville, and then someone to take them back when they returned. I assisted them in finding a shuttle service and discovered a lot to choose from. Prices varied, but we were seeking dependable people who would be on time so that there would be sufficient time to go through airport checkin security etc. As the flight was relatively early in the morning, it was important to be assured that the pickup time would be as promised. Well, not only was the EZ Airport Shuttle service on time, but they called my family member (and myself) to let us know they were on the way etc. The driver was friendly, professional, courteous in every respect. The pickup after the return flight was also a stress free experience. The people at EZ are great. Not only do they show up on time, they make every effort to make a person’s trip a positive experience. I recommend them to anyone needing a top notch airport transportation service. I am very pleased and my family member is also. It is good to know that EZ Airport Shuttle serves the greater Jacksonville area. They provide efficient service, and they do so in a friendly helpful way. We definitely will use their service in the future!

Long Distance Hero

Posted by Apeface1234 on date-button 01/21/2010

I had to arrange for transportation for my sister to get back and forth from the Mayo hospital in Jacksonville for crucial medical tests. While she’s in J-ville, I’m 18 miles south of CANADA in New York, so it was great when Terry agreed over the phone to help her out on my word and credit card information alone.

It all worked out. The driver was great, even so VERY early in the morning–carried her bundles, opened the doors and called to to verify the appointments beforehand and to let her know he were out front waiting. Most surprising, she didn’t know what time she was going to be finished, but they kept enough flexibility in their schedule to pick her up right away. Clean van, the driver even wore a tie?!

It was a huge relief for both of us–she was in a lot of pain and had a lot of worries about the tests, so the service was the most relaxed part of the month.

Its hard to trust anybody anymore–businesses have to cut and scrimp, but EZ Shuttle still delivers the goods the way I wish that everybody still did. Thanks, Terry.

Steve North of Syracuse

At Ease with EZ Airport Shuttle

Posted by Mbeldue on date-button 01/27/2010

My 86 year old parents are down in Florida. Many of their needs bring me down to Jacksonville. It is so nice to know that EZ Airport Shuttle is there for me when I arrive. I can count on them to pick me up on time. I can also count on a safe ride, in reliable, clean vehicles, as well as pleasant conversation on the half hour ride to my parents home. I have been treated as a “special customer” each time I travel with EZ Airport Shuttle. I even get a refreshing bottle of water each time I travel with them. Terry Soles, the owner of EZ Airport Shuttle, is normally the person that answers the phone when I call to schedule a transport. He is always very helpful. You can tell that he loves the work he does. He is also a people person and that is definitely an added bonus!!

I can also count on EZ Airport Shuttle to get me to the airport in plenty of time on my return back home. That certainly reduces the stress level immensely.

Thank you, Terry, for your service to the Jacksonville area. I will certainly continue to make EZ Airport Shuttle part of all my trips to the Jacksonville Airport.

Marjorie Beldue
Rochester, New York


Provided by YP.com

Posted by Floridacaters on date-button 02/01/2010

We live in Jacksonville Florida. My husband had a early 6:30 flight, so we needed to be to the airport very early. Ez Shuttle was right on time even 10 minute early at our door 3:45am. They even called the night before to reassure us that everything was right on schedule. We had wonderful service, the drive even grabbed our luggage from us and loaded in the van, we could not of ask for any thing more. We will be using Ez shuttle for all our future needs. We highly recommend this company.

Great Company

Posted by Matos5 on date-button 03/11/2010

I have used this shuttle service for my son who is a college student there in Jacksonville.Being away it is hard to know who to call and this company is reliable,reasonably priced and friendly.They made my son very comfortable.I would recommend this company to all mom’s and dad’s who want to make sure there college students get where they are going safely.

Terrrific Service!

Posted by Gtgrinders on date-button 03/15/2010

The early arrival of our grandson necessitated a quickly rearranged plane ride to JAX. I lucked out when I contacted EZ Shuttle to get from the airport to my daughter’s home. From the first contact EZ’s staff was courteous and efficient. Within minutes of picking up my luggage at baggage claim my driver had contacted me by cell phone to make certain I knew how to proceed to ground transportation. I was met by a friendly, personable driver who quickly loaded my bags in the waiting Lincoln Town car and we were on our way–quicker than any cab or other shuttle I have used. My driver was wonderfully conversational; the 45 minute ride passed quickly. The car was immaculate and provided a quiet, comfortable ride.

I have just booked my return trip back to JAX with EZ Shuttle! Their card is now on the side of our daughter’s refrigerator to be used for future guests and transportation needs. I would highly recommend this company. The rates are very competitive especially for multiple passengers to one destination. Their service is professional and courteous.

Gale Grindstaff

Easy pick up from our Marina. Great Service!

Posted by Jaxboater on date-button 04/10/2010

We’re boaters that travel b/w Chicago and Jax. EZ’s great service makes it a little less painful to leave the FL sunshine and go back to the challenging Chicago weather. The EZ driver calls 5 mins out … we roll our bags down the dock … wave goodbye to the lucky boaters who are staying … and have a quick & easy ride to the airport. The return trip to FL is just as easy … the EZ driver is waiting for us at the end of the Jax

Service & Reliability and More!?

Posted by MikeVR67 on date-button 06/21/2010

My wife and I have used EZShuttle for a couple of years and have enjoyed their always on-time, reliable, courteous, and clean service.

However, on my last trip they went above and beyond. I had inadvertently misplaced my cell phone/PDA and was forced to used my credit card at one of the airport payphones to let my destination contact know my flight was delayed.

When I got my credit card bill, I was shocked to see a charge for OVER $20 for a 2minute call. I fired off an email thanking Terry for their service and mentioned the payphone charge. Terry contacted the Jacksonville Airport management, and I got an email not only from management they were contacting the telephone vendor, but also an email and apology from the vendor and a promise to refund my money for the call.

That’s service folks! (And, thanks to JIA/JAA management too!)


Posted by Rgramlich on date-button 03/01/2011

We left our destination in Daytona Beach and were heading to the Jacksonville airport for a departure to Philadelphia. On our way up 95 North, we noticed smoke and discovered that there were forest fires in the St. Augustine area. Lo and behold, they closed 95 North. We contacted EZ Airport Shuttle and spoke with the owner. He helped us find our way via A1, then we hopped back on 95 North and then to 9A to the Enterprise location where EZ Airport Shuttle was waiting to transport us to the airport. We were 5 minutes late for check in, but coincidentally, while waiting for another flight to DC, we heard our original flight announced and went over to the gate where a WONDERFUL US Airway employee found two seats for us on our original direct flight to Philadelphia. It was quite an experience, but we could not have done it without the expertise, knowledge and assistance of the pleasant staff at EZ Airport Shuttle of Jacksonville. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and we WILL be seeing you again on our next trip to Jacksonville. We visit your beautiful state annually and enjoy it tremendously. Again, kudos to EZ AIRPORT SHUTTLE, which I highly recommend for all travelers!!!!

Awesome Service

Posted by Monteinjax on date-button 04/12/2010

I set up up a pick up 2 days prior and the young lady was very friendly. I was hesitant due to the fact that I would need to be picked up at 4:30am. When the car arrived on time, D ave, the driver was courteous and conversational. Next thing I knew we arrived at the airport.

Will I use EZ Airport Shuttle again…most definitely. I strongly recommend them to others as well.

Thanks guys for a great experience!

Great and reliable service

Posted by Tupelohoney on date-button 04/20/2010

I highly recommend EZ Airport Shuttle. Very easy to make a reservation, friendly dispatchers and great prices. Got to where we needed to be on time, A+ service!!


Posted by DebMcc/span> on date-button 12-04-2008Star

My sister was visiting me from New York and I was unavailable to take her to the Airport on Wednesday (12/3) due to work constraints. I called many shuttle services to compare quality of service and rates. When I called EZ Airport Shuttle Tuesday night (12/2/08) I had the pleasure of speaking with Terry. I am a huge fan of excellent customer service and Terry was absolutely awesome. He was very caring and had a great sense of humor. I spoke to my sister regarding the level of service she received and she was very impressed as well. She advised the driver was very professional, polite and courteous. Terry even left me a voicemail advising that my sister had arrived to the airport safely. I am not sure when I will have the need for an airport shuttle again, but I will definitely be contacting EZ Airport Shuttle for service. Terry, I would like to personally thank you and your staff for the excellent service you provided to my sister and me. Have a safe and happy holiday season.


My recent trip to Amelia Island

Posted by Yiluv2travel on date-button 04/22/2010

This is the best shuttle service I have ever used. Not only was it the least expensive from JAX to Amelia Island, but also the most prompt and courteous I have ever used. They called to confirm they would be there when I got off my plane in JAX and called to confirm my return flight for 7AM the night before and to tell me the name of the driver. I can easily give them a 10+ in ratings and would not hesitate to use them again. Oh, and I am a travel agent so am very picky!

TaxiTerry Rules!!!

Posted by Ginaya1 on date-button 06-19-2008

I am the Vice President of a talent agency based in Nashville, TN. I have produced several events in the Jacksonville area and hired Terry Transportation on each occasion. First of all the owner’s name, TaxiTerry, caught my eye…..a nice hook there! I researched the company through one of the local upscale hotels, and learned that Terry Transportation is very well established and respected. Terry Transportation did indeed provide my artists’ with reliable, professional, friendly and punctual service. They went above and beyond to truly care for my artists’ needs, and treated them as if they were family. I will consider using Terry Transportation every chance I get, and suggest that everyone else do the same.

Thanks Terry!!!
Gina Cheshire

Airport Planner

Posted by Ddunkleyjr on date-button 07/02/2010

EZ Airport Shuttle is a great company. I called them for a funeral related transportation need for a friend. They did a wonderful job transporting an incoming family member. Their timely response and the great pride and professionalism that they displayed, help make a difficult time, much better! David

110% Reliable

Posted by Fowlerk on date-button 09/11/2010

Best service in town; hands down! I require on-time service and professional drivers. EZ delivers every time;on time. Drivers are most professional and cars/vans are always clean and operational. What else can you ask for? EZ Airport Shuttle is the way to go. Thank you, KF

Excellent Service

Posted by Mominmiami55 on date-button 04-08-2008

Son and daughter-in-law got stranded in Ohio when flying Skybus Airlines. They flew out of St Augustine and on the return trip had to fly standby to Jacksonville and somehow get back to their car in St Augustine. Called EZ Airport Shuttle and made arrangements with them to get back to car. They got bumped several times by the airlines but finally made it to JAX, EZ Shuttle was there when they arrived and they were so nice and helpful even with all the changes. Would highly recommend, very professional and helpful and would not hestitate to use again. Thank you so much for your patience and help.

100% Satisfaction

Posted by Sm011171 on date-button 10/07/2010

I use limo/shuttle service for business reasons. I was extremely impressed with EZ Airport Shuttle. From my initial phone call to ask about rates to the final drop off at the airport it was 100% satisfaction. Terry is the owner and he values his customers and takes his reputation seriously. My flight schedule changed and Terry was able to accommodate an earlier pick up. I highly recommend this company and will use it again. His rates are better than a taxi. His vehicle was spotless inside and out.

Great Service

Posted by Dab1227 on date-button 03-29-2008

Last year I had to get my daughter from Gainesville, FL to Jacksonville Airport. I called every service I could find and most either didn’t pick up their phone or never returned my calls. Somehow I found EZ Airport Shuttle and spoke with a gentleman named Terry. Not only did he pick up and answer the phone, he was extremely friendly and helpful. As I wasn’t thrilled about sending my daughter off with a stranger, he reassured me he would take good care of her. We had all kinds of cancellations and had to change the return by a day and Terry was great about it all. Not only did he make it easy, but there were no extra charges.

I just booked him again with only five days notice and he was as friendly and helpful as ever. I believe that he already has the lowest price, but the best part is that he has the best service.

I would highly recommend his service to anyone traveling in that area.

Excellent, Reliable and Professional Service

Posted by Sm011171 on date-button 10/07/2010

I used EZ Shuttle while on business in Jacksonville and was very impressed. The drivers were on time (actually early), friendly, safe, and professional. I needed a return trip from my destination later that evening and the driver gave me his card to call and promised to return. When I called later that evening, the dispatcher remembered me, addressed me by name, and sent a driver to pick me up. I value when a business addresses me by name; that is good customer service! The driver was on time and professional. I plan to use this shuttle service again when I am in Jacksonville!

Super Service!

Posted by Miskenzie on date-button 11-2-2007

Had a late arrival after a flight delay into Jacksonville. The car was ready and waiting. We had a safe and enjoyable trip to Gainesville with no extra charge for the delay. I will definitely use EZ Shuttle again. They are kind and patient and answered every question I had. We booked the trip last minute and the ride went so smoothly!!

Very friendly

Posted by Lee Matheson on date-button 2011-09-22

Using the new online reservation system was very easy and friendly. I am a student at the University of Florida and the reduction of price when you share a shuttle really helps out for college kids because there is always someone trying to get to JAX. The staff is very friendly and I definitely recommend the service.

Excellent Airport Shuttle in Jacksonville

Posted by Jason L on date-button 30 Dec 2011

We came across EZ Shuttle on the net when we were looking for airport transportation in Jacksonville. We made a booking online and got the confirmation. We we arrived at the airport, Ez shuttle was there waiting for us and helped us with our luggage. The ride was perfect and the price was very reasonable as per the service. On time and smooth ride,very reliable with great service.Very clean shuttles. I highly will recommend this company to anyone.

Great service! They were willing to work around my time schedule

Posted by Maureen D on date-button 01-20-2012

E Z Airport Shuttle picked up on time. I had no problems with them. They provide great door to door service.

I think it would be a great service for University of Florida students who are trying to get to and from the Jacksonville Airport. I did consider other competitors but they were all more expensive.

Extremely Pleased

Posted by Kreslyon Fleming on date-button 2-08-2012

My daughter attends the University of FL and I was extremely anxious about finding a reputable shuttle service to take her to and from the Jacksonville Airport. My daughter has used the service on numerous occasions and I must say, she and I both are extremely pleased with the professionalism of the drivers and their promptness. She says they are friendly and she always feels comfortable and at ease. On one occasion my daughter’s flight was delayed and arrived at the JAX airport late one evening. The driver was there waiting and drove her to Gainesville close to midnight. Thank you EZ shuttle drivers, I really appreciate you taking care of my daughter as if she were your own.

Also,making a reservation is quite easy as well. The young woman (her name escapes me at the moment) that answers the phone and assists with securing the reservation is a delight as well. Thank you, Thank you EZ Shuttle for putting my mind at ease, and you will always be the one I call for our transportation needs.

Great Driver

Posted by Joaquin on date-button 1-16-2013

The way my family is in the transportation business in Miami and Don is a great driver. I wish we had drivers like him. Thank you and best regards.

Great Service

Posted by Mendell Thompson on date-button 1-07-2012

Terry thanks appreciate the way you do business, will use your service again.

You’ve got my business!

Posted by Tom Kanable on date-button 1-08-2013

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for creating “magic moments” for all the right people. I found a youtube video story about you from FIVE years ago. It gave me a new view on how to manage my business. If I’m ever in Jacksonville. You’ve got my business!

Very Good A +

Posted by Willie / Deborah Smith on date-button 7-09-2012

I recently used your shuttle service was very good A +, My wife and I would like to say thanks to our driver Gerry, to and from the Jacksonville Airport, he was so polite, professional, informative, Our driver made our stay that much more pleasant.

Very Professional and Prompt

Posted by Emily Carrico on date-button 1-08-2013

I was at a camp at UNF in Jacksonville, I needed a shuttle to the airport they were very professional and prompt and the driver was very polite and told me stories to calm my nerves of his 3 daughters, I would use again in a heartbeat, very affordable. Thanks again

Recommend you highly to everyone

Posted by Kay Carrico on date-button 6-15-2013

I just wanted to let you guys know, that my daughter was picked up yesterday at UNF and your company was very professional and the man made her feel very comfortable told some stories and she enjoyed the ride. I just randomly picked your company off the website from Jacksonville airport. and I’ll recommend you highly to everyone. Thanks again

Very pleased with the service

Posted by Dale Stewart on date-button 4-28-2012

Very pleased with the service and will be using it again. Will also tell my friends about how convenient it was to be picked up.

Very professional yet friendly

Posted by Valentina Sacks on date-button 1-8-2013

Because my elderly father has been sick I have traveled to Jacksonville several times in the last year. I have used EZ Shuttle and every time I had the best service from all of their staff members. They are very professional yet friendly people who have helped me through several stressful trips. THANK YOU ALL!!

Great experience

Posted by Cyndy McCrary on date-button 1-08-2013

Your service was recommended by the Crowne Plaza by the airport. I needed to coordinate transportation for 10 people to visit a business in town then take us all to dinner then back to the hotel. Our drivers, Ed and Perry made this whole trip worry free! They were on time for every pick-up,polite, great demeanor and made the whole experience with Terry Transportation great! I have to give Latoya at the Crowne kudo’s for her choice of shuttle service. Thanks again! You will be our first choice when we visit again!

Wonderful service!

Posted by Jennifer on date-button 1-11-2013

Your service was wonderful! Very easy to use. If I ever return to Jacksonville, you will be the one I call!

Right on time!

Posted by Dee Quested – Director (Global Education) on date-button 1-11-2013 

Dave was a pleasure and right on time! Thank you for your wonderful service.

Great service at a time of need!!!

Posted by Carolyn Boyd on date-button 1-08-2013

I was at Jax Port trying to board the cruise ship for vacation when I was told my birth certificate that I had used for years was not valid. I had to leave the port to go to the vital statistics office 25 minutes away. This shuttle service took me, waited for me to obtain my certificate and transported me back to the port all within a little over an hour. Great service at a time of need!!! Can’t say enough good things about my driver, Mr. Soles.