EZ Shuttle- The Best Airport Shuttle Company in Florida

Florida is a huge State in terms of area, population and opportunities. This is among the states with highest population growth rate. This huge number of population needs transportation service regularly.  EZ Shuttle has contributed a part of Florida transportation with its airport shuttle service in most parts of Florida with Jacksonville, Gainesville and St. […]

Traits Of A Good Driver

Once we are behind the wheel travelling to different places, it’s common to see bad drivers on the roads. Poor individuals might not follow traffic principles, may possibly omit street rules, may possibly speak on the device or tune in to really noisy audio and so forth. These are just some signals to identify them. […]

Benefits of Customized Airport Cabs in Jacksonville

In a visit to Jacksonville, newbies may find it hard to get to their destination without any problem. So a customized airport cab can be a helping hand for you to get by this situation. So if you are planning to visit Jacksonville for the first time, there are many customized companies providing customized cab […]

Omni Hotel Jacksonville

Omni hotel is just a few blocks away from St. John’s Riverwalk. This 4-star hotel has more than three hundred fifty guest rooms. Rooms including lobby, conference halls, and also open spaces are gracefully designed. Omni has Juliette’s and J Bar, rooftop swimming pool, fitness center, conference hall as its major attractions. It is just […]

Attractions in Gainesville

Gainesville is one of the top tourist destinations in Florida. Lying at North Central Florida, you can uncover the many hidden wonderful places in this beautiful city. With several architectural and historical landmarks, recreational parks, museums and top-class restaurants, this beautiful city of Florida has so much to offer for visitors. Here are some of […]

Attractions in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is one of the major cities in Florida filled with cultural and historical heritage and hundreds of attractions. There are numerous modern sites that people love to go. Jacksonville, which evolved around the St. Johns River offers surprises with tremendously developed downtown to so contrastingly kept small-town values. The fact of Jacksonville being previous […]

Travelling With Pets

“How to travel by plane with a dog?” people ask us time and again. If you have a pet to travel with, you can’t just book at random, take it with you and expect no problem in the meantime. No, things don’t work this way. You need a planning at the beginning so you won’t have […]

These 4 Things Are The Reasons You Are Paying Too Much While Traveling

Who doesn’t love traveling? We all love it. The factors that stop most of us from traveling in vacations are the money factor or the lack of time, friends or motivation. Simply put, traveling days are costlier than our usual days. Or maybe it’s because you are wasting some extra money while spending and maybe the overall cost can […]

Book Airport Shuttle in Jacksonville Early For Holiday

Pre-booking an airport shuttle has several benefits.  If you are planning to travel in a holiday, I suggest you to book the shuttle service in Jacksonville early so that you don’t get stuck in the hectic process at the final day. Here I introduce you the benefits of booking an airport shuttle early for holidays. […]

Things To Know About Airport Shuttle Service

When you need a transportation to get to and from the airport comfortable and quickly, airport shuttle service is the best option for you. They not just operate all day long but also provide you service at the night when taxi fees tend to go higher. The prompt and stress-free ride makes shuttle service more yearning. These three things mentioned below […]

What to do when your flight is delayed or canceled?

Air travel is a stressful experience even when you have made your plans fool-proof. And when things go wrong sometimes with cancellations or delays, your dream trip can transform into a nightmare. There have been numerous amounts of stories surfacing regarding airlines and their staff being negligent towards passengers on board of planes. The well-publicized […]

Busiest Airports in The US

Millions of travelers! Each year, some busiest airports in the US handle millions of travelers. There are airports in the US that witnesses more than a million visitors each year as well. Here I have listed some of the busiest airports   Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international airport In 2013, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport experienced more than […]

Airport Shuttle Is Better Than Private Car Hire

When you have just landed at the airport and seeking for a transportation option to reach to your destination or you are at your place and seeking for transportation to an airport, there are a plenty of options available. A private car is a popular option for such situations. That being said, there are a […]

Facts To Know About Airport Shuttle Services!

When you want to travel, you want to get to and from the airport quickly and conveniently. Ground shuttle transportation will be your best choice. An amazing fact about ground shuttle services is that they run all day and evening long, making your flight stress free. Check these positive facts about ground shuttle services:-   […]

Navigating Airports With Kids

Traveling is already stressful enough and add children to your passengers list it can be intimidating especially if you are passing through busiest airports and airports are crowded, busiest and dangerous place to begin with.  Travel with children has its own set of challenges and navigating your way at the airport and passing through the […]

Are You Aware Of Taxi Rights?

Taxis are common occurrences and fastest and easiest mode of transportation in present times forming a huge part in our culture. Taxis or private hire provide luxury, convenience and no disturbances when travelling. Our roads are filled with taxis and most preferred form of travel is taxi. When you are traveling in taxi, as a […]

Avoid Motion Sickness for Refreshing Ride

Have you ever had a queasy feeling whenever you are on a bumpy ride, or in an airplane or in a boat? You know the feeling of motion sickness. It doesn’t cause long term problems but it can make your life miserable if you travel a lot or need to ride a vehicle a lot. […]

Tips To Avoiding Taxi Scams

Travelling is fun and stressful and adds to that those few unscrupulous taxi drivers make you distrust other most honest professional taxi drivers. Locals aren’t as much get ripped off as those naïve and unfamiliar tourists especially at the airports. Nobody likes to get conned or overcharged taxi rides ruining your experience or views about […]

3 Tips for Choosing The Right Airport Shuttle Company

Traveling by air is by far the best and fastest way to get from point A to point B, but getting back and forth to both of these points can be stressful. Instead of battling traffic and dealing with the stress of getting to and from the airport, those who travel can arrive in comfort […]

Travel Packing Mistakes To Avoid

Travelling is exciting for most of us. You arrived in the airport with all of your packing and suddenly you are reminded of something important that you forgot to put in your bag! Ah…. Well, it happens to everybody at some point of life. Packing mistakes will cost you during your trip. If you pack […]

Stay Healthy While Flying

Traveling is fun and stressful at the same time. Flying is most popular form of long distance travel either for vacations or for business purpose. It is fast, convenient, comfortable and affordable. Well, flying may not always deliver good experience. Sometime it creates problems like swollen limbs, a sore throat, headaches, heavy legs, dehydration, dizziness, […]

Don’t Want To Dent Your Wallet: Book Air Tickets On Certain Days

Frequent travelers are well aware of the time interval between airport arrival and departure. It’s really hectic. With tough security measures and busy flight schedules, long lines at the airport can be frustrating. Flight fares are adjusted up and down regularly and gets jolted just as airplane jolts along turbulence. Whatever is the case, when […]

World’s Busiest Airports in 2016

In terms of traveling long distances, flying on an airplane is the fastest, easiest and safest way to get in your destination. Airports are part and parcel of our lives, especially for travelers. There are different categories of airports. Some are regarded as world’s most dangerous airports whereas some as the busiest airports. Here we […]

Airport Ride: Better Hire Airport Shuttle Service

Travelling can be fun and exciting. However, stress can blanket you while travelling to/from the airport. You have to be aware of unseen traffic jams, road blockade, parking locations, etc. Anyone who travels often for business knows how tedious it is to make way from place to place in the airport, all in a timely […]

Safety Measures While Travelling

The numbers of air travelers are in increasing trend and with it the threat associated with travel is also mounting. Despite the fact, such challenges should not restrict you from travelling. Take appropriate safety measures while travelling so that you can make travel fun. Prepare yourself with backup plans for all or any kind of […]

Traveler’s Checklist

Whether you are frequent flyer or a first timer—baggage planning is must. Missing any small item can ruin your entire trip. Just imagine a scenario: you packed everything required for your trip and landed in your destination. A person at tourist information desk in airport hands you a brochure and now suddenly you are reminded […]

Travelling With Kids With Special Needs

Traveling is full of fun with amazing experiences and the experience doubles with kids. Travelling imparts learning opportunity to kids as they get chance to acquaint with different cultures. Kids are habitually in constant movement and full of energy almost all the time throughout the day so you have to pay special attention while travelling […]

Passing Time At The Airport

It is a good thing to leave early and drive slowly to the airport rather than driving hurriedly to the destination. Nobody knows what might happen. We may fall into traffic jam or some kind of major/minor accidents may trigger flight miss. So we are suggested to leave early for the airport. But sometimes luck […]

Tips On How To Beat The Fear Of Flying

Experiencing flight for the first time can be scary. The level of anxiety goes steeply up. Every living being is afraid and fearful of one thing or another. Fears are a natural response that has protective purpose. It activates automatically with anything—flight or fight. With our bodies and minds alert and ready for action, we […]

Learn Traffic Rules Before Renting A Car Aboard

In home country you do not have to worry while renting a car. Your auto insurance covers most of the claims in case of mishap. But when it comes to foreign land, you may not have that much advantage as you have in your home country. There are few things to consider than just driving. […]

Airport Shuttle Service: Reliable, Comfortable and Cheaper

There are various means of ground transportation. Shuttle buses are one of the types of ground transportation. They have made travelling easy and smooth. It is a kind of bus service intended primarily to ferry passengers between two fixed points. Airport shuttle is defined as bus used to transport people to/from or within airports. Normally, […]

Travel Safety For Kids In Air

Flying like birds in the air through clouds is such a wondrous thing. Summer is onset and it is also a season of vacation. For many people it is tour time when people fly to their touring destinations—domestic or international. Flying is such an amazing experience and luxurious thing for us and our children as […]

Impart Kids With Flight And Airport Manners for Exciting Tour

Summer is approaching near. It is associated with holidays and vacation. Leisure brings up memorable times for family and kids. Wherever you travel, be it domestic or international, it has its own perks. Arriving new destination with kids is full of fun and excitement but is troublesome too because you are with kids. Normally, kids […]

Fight Off Jet Lag, Here Is How

If you are a frequent traveler or international traveler who travels through different time zones, you are gripped by jet lag. You may adjust the hands of your wrist watch with arrived destination but the same thing cannot be applied with your body. Travelling through multiple time zones at high altitude in high speed disturb […]

Proactive Ensures Stress Free Flight

You might be a frequent flyer, flying to various destinations for business or going on vacation. You have to wait at the airport for at least an hour or two if you tend to reach your destination without any hassle and stress. Lonely travel is no big deal. You do not need to worry about […]

Pros of Airport Shuttle Service

Many things dwell at once in our mind while planning a travel like where and when we are going, what we will be doing, where to stay, where to eat, etc. While scheduling all this we normally forget one of the important aspects and that being transportation. Hiring a cab is a good idea but […]

The Right Way to Choose Airport Shuttle Service

Whether you travel for business or for relaxation, choosing a good airport shuttle service is the key to get the most out of your trip. Travelers, nowadays use airport shuttle or taxi services for ease in their trips. If you are struggling to find good airport transportation, here are the tips for choosing airport transportation.

Saving Money on Vacation

  Everyone loves vacations. And as much as we love them, vacations can get pretty heavy on our wallets. Obviously, no one wants to blow away all their savings on one vacation. To make things easy for you on your next vacation, EZ Shuttle presents to you some tried and tested ways to save money […]

Florida’s Top Events in 2015 – Do not miss out on these!

2014 was here and it was a lot of fun. We saw a lot of action happen here in Florida – concerts, festivals, exhibitions, etc. With one event after another to spike the temperature, the Sunshine City remained ever so hot throughout the year. Things get better this year and Floridians have a lot more […]

Shuttles In Jacksonville (JAX) – Airport Shuttle Service, Jacksonville, FL

Let EZ Airport Shuttle of Jacksonville Airport (JAX) take care of all your airport transportation needs in Jacksonville, FL. We take special care when it comes to offering you our services to and from Jacksonville Airport (JAX). Our airport shuttle service is more convenient and reliable than any other transportation mediums that you may see […]

3, Must-Visit Places in Florida

Miami Beach? Is that what comes to your mind when you hear the word Florida? Well, let me tell you… There is more. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you 3 destinations that I personally feel you should visit with your friends and family. Jacksonville – A home for many and a getaway destination for others, […]

Terry Transportation and Airport Shuttle LLC.. A new concept in the transportation industry

About the two divisions of Terry Transportation E Z Airport Shuttle is our shuttle service. We offer non-shared, direct transfers to and from Jacksonville, Florida and  the surrounding areas. We offer a shared shuttle service to and from Gainesville, Florida and we will be offering a shared shuttle service to and from St Augustine, Florida […]

Jacksonville Limos and Airport Transportation

Jacksonville Limousine Service is within walking distance from the airport, so our customers enjoy the greatest benefit above all in terms of reliability of our prompt service delivery promise. Also, our Jacksonville Limo Service clients enjoy great benefits in terms of saving travel times. You, therefore, do not have to wait for a long time […]

Airport Shuttles to and from Jacksonville International Airport

For all the ground transportation that runs from the airport to your desired destinations and vice-versa, airport shuttles are considered to be the best choice for most people taking into account its reliability and efficiency. Saving on your travel expenses by reserving airport shuttles is an easy option that most travelers opt for, especially frequent […]

Wondering about your Transportation needs in Florida?

A budget traveler needs to consider a number of aspects to ensure they are getting the most out of what they are spending. If you probe into the availability of airport transportation, airport shuttles are a major money saver, and like other transportation service, it takes you to the door way of your destination. To […]

Luxury Travel Vs Reliability of Shuttles

Jacksonville International Airport has not only modern facilities but also a management team which is proficient in arranging transportation facilities to the passengers. There are numerous arrangements in place including taxis, cabs, limousines and shuttles. They have waiting zones outside airports and help to connect the people with their destinations. Airport Shuttles are amongst the […]